links to some recent work

  1. A little Twitter spat I had about copyright with a Finnish academic was contextualized and nicely introduced by The Writing Platform in the UK. It's called Copyright: Attacking or Evolving? Thanks very much indeed to the good folks at The Writing Platform, especially Joanna Ellis and Kate Pullinger.
  2. My good friend and colleague, author Mary W. Walters, asked my permission to reprint a column I wrote for Write magazine (the member publication for The Writers' Union of Canada). This piece was written in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris this past January. It's called "You Must Never Put Down Your Pen." Thanks for sharing, Mary.
  3. Last November, looking far ahead at the coming federal election, I wrote an opinion piece for The Globe & Mail, about the reality of severely declining author incomes, and what we as a society might want to do about that. It is called "Two Ways to Halt the Decline of Authorship in Canada."