Book Room #20 - Michelle Berry, Hunter Street Books

Michelle Berry is the author of nine books, including a new novel entitled The Prisoner and the Chaplain, coming next year from Buckrider Books - the fiction imprint of Hamilton, Ontario's Wolsak and Wynn publishers. Michelle is a dedicated servant to literature, having taught creative writing in various post-secondary programs around the country, having served on the boards of some of Canada's oldest and most prestigious literary organizations including The Writers Union of Canada, and having reviewed many of her fellow Canadian writers for The Globe & Mail newspaper.

All of that has not been enough for Michelle. Now she wants to grab you by the wrist, drag you over to a bookshelf and show you all the wonderful books you can buy in her brand new books store, Hunter Street Books, in beautiful Peterborough, a city ripe with literary history and excellent places to read while sipping wine.

Michelle joins us in the Book Room to freak out a little bit about opening a book store.

Sandy Crawley provides all the music to the podcast, for which we thank him again and again.