Changes with the Book Room podcast

I’ve been just too busy with full-time work to keep up a schedule of long form interviews on the podcast I started years ago, but I continue to love creating and sharing audio. So, I’ve decided to change the Book Room from long form to short form. More casual, more on the fly, and filled with some of the random sounds I record as I wander around doing my various jobs. It turns out when I travel I record sound almost as much as I take photographs. I love how sound brings me right back to a remembered place. It does more for me than the visual reminder. It’s deeper, fuller somehow.

I hope you enjoy the new Book Room as I roll it out over the next while. You can check it out on SoundCloud, subscribe to it on iTunes, or just visit this blog to sample episodes on your own schedule. Here’s me explaining all this, and playing a delightful random sound for you from my favourite city in the world.

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